40by1 embodies premium streetwear, revolution, irony and all that colorful cookie dough within our heads.

The streets of the world have creatively inspired our very limited and exclusive collections.

We have incorporated influences from the hip hop, street art and skate word in our designs.

High-quality materials paired with playful graphic design and a lot of attention to detail represent the mission statement of 40by1.

Provocative aesthetics for a young generation unwilling to follow the crowds.

A look similar to the streets of Harajuku, where nothing is forbidden and where everything can be individually and colorfully illustrated.

The logo of the dead rat represents on the one hand – with a little irony – the sign of the street, but on the other hand it also stands for our message: “Streetwear should never die”.

We designed our first collections from the finest, combed 40/1 yarn.
That’s the reason we always spoke of the 40by1 collection.
Thus the name “FORTY by ONE” was born.

We do not follow any mass trend or etiquette.

40by1 – let’s do some crazy shit! 

Forty by One Logo